NEW FOR 2021! In this program young anglers who are in the 8th grade or less on the day of their LAST state federation Junior qualifier can join as a TBF Junior members and fish as a team with a buddy from their own boats with their own boat captains! Many times state federation can help you find a partner if you need one.  We have active state Junior Programs in almost every state across the country and 1 team advances to the Junior World Championship for every 10 unique teams entered. So (1) for 1-10, (2) for 20, (3) for 30 etc.  A state program must have a minimum of 6active Junior members to participate.

These junior anglers fish in local club & state tournaments and participate in fundraising and conservation projects just like the adults do.

The competitive branch of this program allows the anglers to attend their sanctioned Junior State events and attempt to qualify for the annual TBF Junior World Championship (JWC) out of their own boat with their own boat captain for thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes!

If you’re interested in getting involved, see our “FAQ info” page on how to start a Junior Club, or contact us for more information on the Junior Angler Program in your state.

For a copy of the Official Junior World Championship Rules Click Here