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Evinrude State Champions Bonus

Evinrude E-Tec will pay an Evinrude State Champions bonus to each TBF State Champion who was running a Evinrude E-Tec outboard when they won their state championship.

Amount varies based on your state’s membership size. There is a form that must be filled out and sent in with a picture of you in your tournament jersey and your Evinrude E-Tec Outboard. Contact the Federation President for details.

For TBF State Federations of:

  • 0-500 members – $250.00 in cash
  • 501-1200 members – $500.00 in cash!
  • 1200 or more members – $750.00 in cash!

CASH…..Just for running a Evinrude E-Tec!

Download State Champions Redemption Form